Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Florida environmental and wildlife action alerts April 2009


Act Now to Protect Florida Forever
Attend Florida Forever Day April 6th in Tallahassee
Florida Forever Coalition

Don’t Pave Florida
Support the Florida Clean Energy Trust Fund
Progress Florida

Urge Your Legislator to Add Money to the State Budget for Environmental Programs
Legislative Committee Approves Environmental Ponzi Scheme
Take A Stand On Climate Change: What Does Your Legislator Think?
Audubon of Florida

Calling all shutterbugs: Send us your photos of beautiful Florida
Tell House leaders: dirty energy will cost us
Tell Congress: Clean energy, green economy!
Environment Florida

Proposed Legislation Would Gut Florida's Growth Managment Process
Civic Concern

Please Help Safeguard Florida's Environment!
Save the Manatee Club

Ask Congress: Help Pass a Wildlife-friendly Budget
Florida Wildlife Federation

Act Now to Help Prevent Another Exxon Valdez Spill
Sierra Club

Tell Congress to keep limits on global warming pollution in the budget
Help put an end to pirate fishing

Help get Hometown Democracy on the 2010 ballot
Florida Hometown Democracy

Oppose HB 189/SB 372 to stop breed-specific bills
American Humane Association

Help Stop Pro-Nuke Budget Amendments: Email Your Senator
Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Urge the EPA to Pave the Way for Cleaner Cars
Union of Concerned Scientists

Click here to find your state legislators.
Consider writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
Contribute financially to your favorite organization(s) as many are in desperate need of funding.
Link to this post on your website, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.

Endangered wood stork in flight over Fred George Basin. Photo courtesy Richard Baas.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Florida environmental and wildlife news for the week ending 3-27-09


Gov. Charlie Crist to downsize Everglades-U.S. Sugar deal
By Curtis Morgan and Mary Ellen Klas
Miami Herald
His hand forced by a failing economy, Gov. Charlie Crist is poised to dramatically downsize his proposed Big Sugar buyout -- and his vision for Everglades restoration.

Alliance urges action on renewable energy
By Bruce Ritchie
Florida Environmental News
A coalition of environmental groups and businesses today urged legislative leaders to take action on a proposed renewable energy requirement for utilities.

DCA Could Be On The Chopping Block
By Gary Pinnell
Tampa Tribune
Take action: Click here to sign on to Progress Florida's letter to the Florida Legislature.
Jim Polatty has fought for decades with the Department of Community Affairs. But Highlands County's chief planner doesn't want the state agency dismembered.

Bill would limit state's ability to stop wetlands destruction
By Craig Pittman and Matthew Waite
St. Pete Times
A bill that would drastically limit the state's ability to stop wetlands from destruction has passed a legislative committee.

Bill making it easier to pave over Florida's wetlands called 'recipe for fraud'
By Paul Quinlan
Palm Beach Post
Developers who want to fill in wetlands would find getting the necessary permits much easier under a bill working its way through the legislature.

Editorial Cartoon by Andy Marlette, Pensacola News Journal


Gov. Crist promotes polices to curb gases but trips leave big carbon footprint
By David Fleshler
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
In March 2007, Gov. Charlie Crist took a 45-minute flight on a state-owned Cessna Citation Bravo from Tallahassee to Bradenton, where he congratulated a school district for purchasing hybrid-electric buses.

Lawmakers power down Crist's climate proposals
By Jim Saunders
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Gov. Charlie Crist's proposals to fight global warming are gasping for air.

Jailed Activists Seek to Free Enslaved Environment
By Howard Lisnoff
Looking east from the top stories of the Palm Beach County Courthouse, the sea is singular and impressive, filling the entire horizon and appearing to play teasingly with the land.

Bill introduced to have nuclear power included as "clean" energy
By Asjylyn Loder
St. Pete Times
So what is "clean" energy? Sen. Charlie Dean, R-Inverness, thinks nuclear power should count.

Florida's Bright (Green) Idea: Renewable Standards
By Russell Ray
Tampa Tribune
Thirty-one states have one. Florida may be the next state to adopt a standard for generating electricity from renewable resources.

As Florida shifts to solar, a fight looms
By Zac Anderson
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Billions of dollars are at stake in a battle under way in Florida over who profits from the pending expansion of solar energy: Big energy companies or individuals and businesses with extra roof space.

The Rooftop Revolution
By Mariah Blake
A little-known policy is turning sleepy central Florida into a green energy hub. Could it do the same for America at large?

Florida Celebrates Oceans Day
Press Release
Florida Oceans Council via Wakulla.com
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) joined a host of public and private partners today to celebrate Florida Oceans Day at the Capitol.

Revised U.S. Sugar deal could drop price to $500 million
By Paul Quinlan and Michael C. Bender
Palm Beach Post
Related editorial: Reality on U.S. Sugar deal
Gov. Charlie Crist is scaling back considerably his extraordinary bid to save the Everglades, as a worsening economy has rendered the $1.34 billion deal with U.S. Sugar Corp. unaffordable, people familiar with the negotiations say.

A rare sight: Wood storks, other wading birds enjoy feeding frenzy at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
By Eric Staats
Ft. Myers News-Press
Mother Nature is putting on her greatest show in years at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary as endangered wood storks and a host of wading birds stage a feeding frenzy.

Commissioners share vision on growth plans
By Will Brown
Tallahassee Democrat
Commissioners at the city and county level want smart, well-planned growth, not a collection of commercial entities that are as unorganized as the moss that collects on Tallahassee's oak trees.

Protecting land and water is good for business
By Jeff Danter
Miami Herald
When my family and I pulled into Bahia Honda State Park in December, the parking lot was packed, and the beach was filled with bathers -- all of whom had paid park entrance fees.

Negative Bond Ratings Hurt Florida Forever Chances
Florida Audubon News
A report on tax revenues linked to Florida Forever bonds downgrades the state’s credit ranking.

The Strip Mall Protection Act of’09
By Daniel Ruth
St. Pete Times
Here's the problem with all of these annoying wetlands: They're so …so … uh, well, they're wet is what they are.

Anti-environment bills a dangerous ruse
Miami Herald
Granted, the seven groups composing the Florida Forever Coalition have a vested interest in conserving undeveloped state land, so their latest study naturally reflects their views.

Another really bad bill
Pensacola News Journal
Every spring, the Florida Legislature flowers with reborn efforts to reverse hard-won environmental protections with really bad legislation.

Stop Florida turtle harvest
St. Pete Times
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission next month will consider banning commercial harvesting of wild freshwater turtles. So it should.

End water giveaway
St. Pete Times
Bottled water companies have quite the deal.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Will the Florida Legislature pave paradise?

Ed. Note: Please see the letter below from Progress Florida and take action to protect Florida’s vital growth management agency, the Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

"I don't know whether they're corrupt, stupid or simply so embedded in the Culture of Concrete they can't think outside that tiny box. The pressure to pave permeates the Florida Capitol like skunk stink." - Mike Thomas, Orlando Sentinel

They're at it again in Tallahassee. As if Florida isn't getting paved over fast enough already, now Florida legislators in the pockets of big developers are trying to get rid of the agency that reviews development plans - the Department of Community Affairs (DCA). The DCA's job is to make sure we don't let unchecked development swallow up what's left of Florida's open spaces, wildlife habitat and unique character.

Please sign on to Progress Florida's letter to the Florida legislature - let them know we won't sit idly by while what's left of our state gets paved over for profit.

Florida has about 300,000 homes sitting vacant today but incredibly a new bill flying through the legislature says we need to build faster. In fact, Port St. Lucie Mayor Patricia Christensen says if Senate Bill 730 passes, "You're going to see development like you've never seen before."

Environmental advocates from The Nature Conservancy to Audubon Society to the Sierra Club have said this bill "will cripple effective growth management in Florida." City planners and local elected officials have warned it would lead to more vacant homes, more traffic and more economic woes. "Growth management didn't cause the recession. That's just not true," said Michael Busha, executive director of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. "If anything, growth caused the recession."

"Dismantling the state's land planning agency sends the wrong signal to the citizens of this state," said DCA Secretary Thomas Pelham. "It suggests that it is not an important function, that Florida doesn't need to be concerned anymore about planning and growth management."

Let your legislators know this couldn't be further from the truth. Sign on to our letter today.


The Progress Florida Team

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Take action - protect freshwater turtles!

Ed. Note: As we have detailed in earlier posts, Florida’s freshwater turtles are being fished out of our lakes and streams in large numbers and sold for food, primarily soup in China. But now, thanks to public pressure and heightened media attention, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is proposing a statewide ban on the commercial harvest of freshwater turtles. See below for details and please take action per the link below to ensure this proposal is adopted.

Florida soft shell turtle

Florida Proposes Nation's First Freshwater Turtle Harvest Ban
Press Release
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission via Environmental News Service
Florida state wildlife staffers today proposed a draft rule would ban the commercial take or sale of wild freshwater turtles.

Saving the turtle
Florida Today
A draft rule developed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission would ban the commercial capture or sale of wild freshwater turtles.

TAKE ACTION – Protect Freshwater Turtles!
Click here to email your support for the proposed Turtle Harvest Ban to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) and cc Gov. Charlie Crist (thank you Humane Society for creating this easy way to take action on this issue!). You can also email comments directly to turtles@MyFWC.com.
If you are in the big bend area, please consider attending the meeting April 15th at the Civic Center, 505 W. Pensacola St. in Tallahassee and speaking out in favor of the ban on commercial turtle harvesting. Details including the meeting agenda may be found here.

Support the Florida Turtle Conservation Trust and click here to read their March 19th press release.
Support The Lake Jackson Ecopassage.
Support The Gopher Tortoise Council.
Check out the Center for Biological Diversity report: Unsustainable Commercial Harvest of Southern Freshwater Turtles.
Our most recent blog post on this issue which includes links to New York Times and Los Angeles Times articles about Florida’s freshwater turtle crisis may be found here.

Wildwood Preservation Society is part of the Florida Endangered Species Network.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Florida environmental and wildlife news for the week ending 3-20-09


Florida growth watchdog might lose fangs in legislative assault
By Kevin Spear
Orlando Sentinel
The watchdog agency that has overseen growth in Florida for decades could be dismantled as state lawmakers look for ways to cut the budget and revive an ailing construction industry.

Threat arises to dismantle agency controlling growth in state
By Lloyd Dunkelberger
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
A serious threat has emerged in the Legislature to dismantle the Department of Community Affairs, the agency that has for decades regulated growth in the state.

Environmentalists fight DCA Merger Plan
By Whitney Ray
Capitol News Service
A plan to merge the Department of Community Affairs with the Department of State to save money has environmentalists outraged.

We're dying from plague of vacant buildings, homes
By Mike Thomas
Orlando Sentinel
This is like watching an emphysema patient try to cure himself by smoking more.

State of the Birds Report 2009
Related Lakeland Ledger article: Florida species prospects mixed in national bird study
Related statement from National Audubon Society: U.S. birds report sends environmental wake-up call
This report makes clear the need for urgent individual, collective and government action, and leaves little doubt that taking action can make a difference.

Editorial cartoon by Jim Morin, Miami Herald


$9 billion estimate for Everglades work has 'no credibility,' supporter of U.S. Sugar deal says
By Paul Quinlan
Palm Beach Post
Related: Water manager: Financial changes may allow involvement by Wall Street hedge fund manager in U.S. Sugar deal
Forget $3 billion, $4 billion or even $5 billion. It could cost the South Florida Water Management District as much as $9.1 billion to make use of the 180,000 acres of farmland that Gov. Charlie Crist has proposed buying from U.S. Sugar Corp. to save the Everglades, according to a consultant's report commissioned by opponents of the deal.

State defends its plan to buy U.S. Sugar land
By Kate Spinner
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
The battle over Gov. Charlie Crist's Everglades restoration legacy landed in court Monday, as the state defended its plan to purchase 180,000 acres of U.S. Sugar land from challenges by Florida Crystals, a Clewiston citizens group and the Miccosukee tribe.

Everglades visit reinforces Gov. Charlie Crist's stance for land deal
By Andy Reid
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Darkening financial clouds over Gov. Charlie Crist's blockbuster Everglades land deal couldn't compete Friday with the vast number of birds the governor said he saw on a visit to the famed River of Grass.

State wildlife panel proposes ban on Fla.’s wild turtle trade
By David Fleshler
Bradenton Herald
A round-the-world trade in Florida’s wild turtles would be shut down under a proposal by the state wildlife commission to protect them from the demand for their meat in China, Vietnam and other Asian countries.

U.S. Navy to Put Endangered Whales at Risk Via Sonar
By Natural Resources Defense Council
Opposing Views
There's been a lot of press about the sighting of 11 North Atlantic right whales off the Florida coast.

Revamped springs bill passes committee
By Bruce Ritchie
Florida Environmental News
A bill that would require advanced septic systems and sewage treatment plants in counties with major springs was approved by a Senate committee on Tuesday.

Dancing in the Light of Florida
By Alan Farago
Last weekend, the spiritual advisor to the Dalai Lama visited Florida, a state that does not lack for religious affiliations.

Controversial Mirasol project gets nod from Collier planning commission
By Eric Staats
Naples News
Environmental advocates lost a second vote Thursday on whether a controversial golf course community should be allowed in a flowway in northern Collier County.

DEP offers mid-week closures of 58 state parks
By Bruce Ritchie
Florida Environmental News
Visitors to 58 Florida state parks could see closed gates three days a week under a budget-cutting proposal requested by Senate leaders.

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, where rare wild things live
By Barbara Behrendt
St. Pete Times
One recent, sunny day, a group of observers gathered around the newest exhibit at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.

March 21 is Save the Florida Panther Day
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has issued a proclamation, extending greetings and best wishes to all who observe Save the Florida Panther Day March 21.

Proposed nuclear plant, funds spark protest
By Amanda Welch
Central Florida Future
Higher energy bills for Orlando Utilities Commission customers could help fund a controversial nuclear power plant, spurring demand for more public input by nuclear energy opponents.

The Sunshine State Is Going Solar
By Armando J. Olivera and Debbie Harrison
Tampa Tribune
A power company CEO and the head of a leading environmental organization will never agree on everything, but on one essential element of Florida's future we are absolutely united: the need to bring more solar energy to the state.

Lakeland utility first in Florida to use purchase agreements for solar power
By Asjylyn Loder
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
When it comes to solar power, it isn't the sunshine holding Florida back. It's the money.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Florida environmental and wildlife news for the week ending 3-13-09


Florida moves to ban catching freshwater turtles
By David Fleshler
South Florida Sun Sentinel
Read the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission press release here.
The state of Florida moved to ban the commercial catch of freshwater turtles Friday, after reports that vast numbers were being exported to China and other East Asian countries.

Some fear Navy sonar may harm Fla.'s right whales
By Ron Word
Associated Press
In the blue-green surf, 11 endangered North Atlantic right whales surface, jump and shoot mist high into the air through their blow holes.

Water managers to U.S. Sugar: Disclose payments to lobbyists, execs
By Paul Quinlan
Palm Beach Post South Florida water managers want U.S. Sugar Corp. to disclose any "success fees" attached to its pending sale of 180,000 acres of farmland to the state.

Lawmakers may bar pre-charging for nuclear plants
By Fred Hiers
Gainesville Sun
Progress Energy customers might not have to worry about helping to pay for the utility's proposed nuclear power plant for the next couple of years.

House, Senate panels OK tax breaks for oil and gas drilling
By Paul Flemming
Tallahassee Democrat
A proposal to get oil and natural gas production going again in the Panhandle and Southwest Florida sailed through House and Senate committees Tuesday.

Florida softshell turtle


Proposal aims at boosting use of electric-powered cars
By Josh Hafenbrack
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The Legislature is taking a step toward giving a Sunshine State boost to the next generation of automobiles: electric-powered cars.

State solar proposal gaining support
By Zac Anderson
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Support is building from diverse corners for a new electricity pricing system in Florida that would allow anyone with roof space or open land to profit from solar energy.

Progress Energy's rate cut on hold till at least April
By Fred Hiers
Ocala Star-Banner
Progress Energy customers will have to wait until at least April before seeing a reduction in their bills.

Amid nuclear worker shortage, FPL says it's following rules
By John Dorschner
Miami Herald
Five times since 2000, operators of U.S. nuclear power plants have been found slumped over their controls asleep, according to federal documents.

Alarm rising over drought's threat to coastal drinking water supplies
By Paul Quinlan
Palm Beach Post
Lake Okeechobee, inundated last fall by Tropical Storm Fay's sopping march across the state, is saving a parched South Florida from tightening its emergency water restrictions amid the third-driest drought since 1932, water managers said today.

Displaced Gopher Tortoises Have Environmentalists Fuming
Central Florida 13 News
Gopher tortoises have environmentalists concerned the reptiles will be buried alive.

Marching Ahead for Better Seagrass Protection
Audubon of Florida
Over half a million acres of seagrass habitat are found in Florida, creating some of the largest underwater meadows in the world.

Sea of trouble: state leaders must do more to protect our oceans and waterways
Florida Today
The bounty and beauty of the sea is what makes us who we are along the Space Coast.

Poll finds Florida voters split on proposed U.S. Sugar land deal
By Curtis Morgan
Miami Herald
Floridians are divided -- at best -- on Gov. Charlie Crist's bid to buy U.S. Sugar's farms for $1.34 billion, according to a new poll commissioned by a group fighting the deal.

Survey: Floridians would support laws to reduce emissions
By Stephen D. Price
Tallahassee Democrat
Floridians are concerned about the state's carbon footprint and many would support laws to reduce emissions and require auto manufacturers to sell cars and light trucks that emit fewer harmful greenhouse gases, according to a recent survey.

Critically endangered right whale and calf

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Florida growth management under assault

Ed. Note: The following articles highlight an effort by extremists in the Florida Legislature to render the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) powerless by merging it with the Department of State. The DCA plays a critical role in growth management throughout Florida, and stood tall as the last line of defense against the notorious “Mahan Massacre” in rural eastern Leon County last year. This proposal, along with other so-called “pro-growth” measures, is being touted as a salve for the state’s ailing economy, which is a sick irony considering that Florida’s overreliance on development has only sharpened the economic pain in the Sunshine State. Moreover, just last week the Nature Conservancy released a report highlighting the tremendous financial benefits Florida receives via land conservation programs.
See the end of this post for suggested ways to take action.


Bill abolishing state planning department gets OK
By Bruce Ritchie
Florida Environmental News
A House committee today gave initial approval to a proposed bill that would abolish the Florida Department of Community Affairs, a move facing opposition from a coalition of environmental groups.

Department In Cross Hairs
By Mike Salinero
Tampa Tribune
Related editorial: Stop Unwarranted Assault On DCA
A bill that would abolish the state's growth management agency passed a major legislative committee Wednesday but probably won't be supported by Gov. Charlie Crist.

Bill would dismantle Florida's growth management agency
By Craig Pittman
St. Pete Times
Related editorial: Developers' dream, Florida's nightmare
State legislators are pushing to dismantle the agency in charge of managing growth, arguing that it's standing in the way of reviving Florida's economy.

Efforts to Abolish Department of Community Affairs Underway in the Florida House of Representatives
Audubon of Florida
A full-blown effort to abolish Florida’s Department of Community Affairs (DCA) is underway in the Florida Legislature, with conditions in the House the most hostile to DCA and Growth Management generally.

Lobbyists bearing money a threat to state's interests
By Ron Littlepage
Florida Times-Union
The recipients of the goodies were legislators and the urgency stemmed from a ban on accepting campaign contributions while the Legislature meets.

Keep state watching growth
Palm Beach Post
There's too much control over growth in Florida. Developers need more freedom to build. Local elected officials don't need oversight from the state. Those are the myths driving legislative efforts to abolish growth management in Florida.

Economy's no excuse to give developers free pass
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Last April, Florida was home to 18.8 million people. Next month, the forecasters predict, the state will be home to -- 18.8 million people.

Let your legislators know you don’t support this move by developers and land speculators to exploit the economic problems of the state by making excuses for dismantling regulatory programs.
Support Florida Hometown Democracy.
Support the Florida Forever Coalition, of which Wildwood Preservation Society is a member.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Florida environmental and wildlife news for the week ending 3-6-09


Environment Provides Florida Huge Economic Benefits
Press Release
The Nature Conservancy
View the report here.
The tremendous financial benefits Florida receives from its beautiful natural habitats and protected conservation lands are documented and compiled in a new report released today by The Nature Conservancy.

Florida lawmakers seek to streamline environmental, growth regulations
By Curtis Morgan
Miami Herald
Two lobbying heavyweights will square off over the Florida's controversial Big Sugar land buy, but another battle in the legislative session opening Tuesday could have broader impacts.

Wading birds vanishing in Everglades National Park
By Whitney Sessa
Miami Herald
It seems even Mother Nature is going through a recession.


State completes $3.4M purchase of Natural Bridge Battlefield
By Gerald Ensley
Tallahassee Democrat
The long effort to preserve the most important Civil War site in the Big Bend climaxed Thursday with the state purchase of 55 acres of the Natural Bridge Battlefield in southern Leon County.

Egmont Key, 18 Other State Parks Get Reprieve
By Mike Salinero
Tampa Tribune
Egmont Key and 18 other parks the state threatened to close in a cost-cutting move will remain open, a member of Gov. Charlie Crist's policy team said Thursday.

Climate forum: Water, wind and fire bombard Earth
By Jim Waymer
Florida Today
Related: Car cramped, but gets 100 mpg
Stronger but maybe fewer hurricanes. Larger storm surges from ever-rising seas. More fires from intense lightning bolts.

Groups give state C grade on oceans protection
By Bruce Ritchie
Florida Environmental News
Florida's efforts to reverse the decline of coastal and ocean resources earned only a C grade today from a coalition of environmental groups who want the state to show more national leadership on ocean issues.

State May Tax Bottlers For Springs' Water
By Mary Ellen Klas and Geoff Fox
Tampa Tribune
In a rural North Florida town where the water tower bears the motto "Tiny but Proud," residents have a big secret: They give the cold, clear spring water that bubbles up from the aquifer below their soil to the nation's largest bottled-water company - for free.

On the prowl: Burmese pythons expand their reach in South Florida
By David Fleshler and Erika Pesantes
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Armed with hooks, tongs and a snake bag, biologists at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge spent Thursday learning how to catch Burmese pythons.

Take Falcon Off the Endangered List?
FWC Press Release
WCTV CBS Tallahassee
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) requests public comment on Florida’s draft peregrine falcon management plan.

Inglis reacts to proposed nuclear plant
By Chris Van Ormer
Chiefland Citizen
The debate about Progress Energy’s new nuclear energy plant still is lively, as proved at a Feb. 26 public testimony session in Inglis.

UCF students protest coal
By Amanda Welch
Central Florida Future
UCF student environmentalists joined thousands of young people in Washington D.C. Monday for the largest act of civil disobedience on climate change in U.S. history.

Obama veers from Bush's environmental course
By Traci Watson
USA Today
Even before George W. Bush can settle into his new house in Dallas, his legacy on the environment is being dismantled by his replacement in the White House.

Florida's coral reefs: A plan to protect them
By David Fleshler
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
A few miles from the southeast Florida coast, at a depth of crushing pressure and frigid temperatures, lies an eerie world of snowy coral, undiscovered forms of life and rock towers thrusting through ink-dark water.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Florida environmental and wildlife action alerts March 2009


Act Now to Protect Florida Forever
Florida Forever Coalition

Protect America's Waters -- The Clean Water Restoration Act

Save Florida's Renewable Energy Future
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Restore the Ocklawaha River – Take Action for Manatees!
Save the Manatee Club

Tell the Power Companies: Invest In Clean Power, Not Coal

Take Action against the 11 Fast Food Junkies
Dogwood Alliance

Tell Dade County Commissioners to Hold the Line on Everglades Protection
Environment Florida

Obama Issues Historic Call for Clean Energy
League of Conservation Voters

Passage of a Strong Climate Bill Must be a Top Priority for Congress
Union of Concerned Scientists

Safeguard Species: Reverse Bush's Last Minute Rules
Endangered Species Coalition

Critically endangered Florida Panther

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