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Florida environmental and wildlife news for the week ending 4-17-09


State decides to ban freshwater turtle harvesting
By Craig Pittman
St. Petersburg Times
Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission press release
Humane Society of the United States
press release
Center for Biological Diversity
press release
The state's wildlife agency voted unanimously today to ban the harvest of freshwater turtles throughout Florida, the strongest such ban in the nation.

Senate includes Florida Forever funding
By Bruce Ritchie
Contact your legislators in support of Florida Forever via Progress Florida’s online action
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Florida Forever Coalition
Sen. Carey Baker and Sen. Al Lawson have found a way to put money in the budget for the Florida Forever land-buying program and appear to have the blessing of Sen. JD Alexander, the chamber's top budget writer.

Groups sue federal government over sea turtles
By Brian Skoloff
Associated Press
Earthjustice press release
Center for Biological Diversity
press release
Palm Beach Post
A half dozen conservation groups sued the federal government on Wednesday, claiming the agency that oversees the Gulf of Mexico fishery is violating the Endangered Species Act by failing to protect threatened sea turtles.

State rethinking growth laws
By Jim Saunders
Daytona Beach News-Journal
When lawmakers made major changes to Florida's growth-management system in 2005, the state was awash in development.

The state of sunshine
By Asjylyn Loder
St. Petersburg Times
Solar power in the Sunshine State has exploded in the past three years, providing millions of dollars in new projects and hundreds of jobs even as most of Florida's economy withered.

Renewable Power Needed, Not Nuclear
By Michael Dobson
Lakeland Ledger
Florida has a chance to lead, but not today.

Florida soft shell turtle in the Everglades


FWC concludes 2-day meeting in Tallahassee
Press Release
Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
Related: Peregrine falcon rules, controversy coming
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) wrapped up its two-day session Thursday, April 16, in Tallahassee.

Peregrine falcon

Monkeys in paradise
By Rick Folstad
Tampa Tribune
There's a small monkey staring at us from the trunk of a dead tree.

5 lawmakers ask Pres. Obama to protect panthers
Associated Press
Miami Herald
Five members of Congress have asked President Obama to protect the Florida panther.

Dry skies have water managers running low on options to protect faucets
By Paul Quinlan
Palm Beach Post
An unprecedented shortage of rain has water and utility managers pondering how to weather what could soon go down as South Florida's worst dry season ever recorded.

This plan helps politicians, does little for River of Grass
By Dexter W. Lehtinen
Orlando Sentinel
After his first and second new "visions" for Everglades restoration collapsed, Gov. Charlie Crist announced a third ill-conceived idea for buying U.S. Sugar Corp. land.

Rundown of Environmental Issues We Are Facing
By Geniusofdespair
Eye On Miami
Here is a quick rundown of what we are facing on the environmental front.

Call on Your Legislator to Pass Clean Car Laws Now
Audubon of Florida News
The Legislature is holding hostage bills that would adopt emissions standards for cars and light trucks to reduce the greenhouse gases.

Solving the energy crisis and ending bailouts- for real!
By Chris Hrabovsky
Creative Loafing
The truth is, “bailouts”, are not just limited to Wall Street thieves. Energy Companies like Progress Energy have been granted a “pre-emptive bailout”, for a boondoggle that hasn’t even been built yet

New Martin growth push is on
By Sally Swartz
Palm Beach Post
The latest push for more development in Martin County started on March 20, a Friday, when an inch-thick packet hit county commissioners' desks.

Alarming number of sea turtles wash ashore
By Caren Burmeister
Florida Times-Union
Dead and sick sea turtles are washing up on beaches at roughly three times the normal rate from Duval to Brevard County, and biologists don't know why.

Digging below the surface
TC Palm
Call it the dumbing down of "environmental protection."

Growth 'solution' still a problem
St. Petersburg Times
As the legislative session heads into its final two weeks, the most egregious efforts to dismantle growth management, wipe out impact fees and kill the state's planning agency may be fading.

Loggerhead sea turtle

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