Thursday, May 21, 2009

Like sitting in traffic?

Please see the important message below from our allies at Progress Florida regarding SB 360, the "Pave Paradise" bill, and take action! Thank you.


Like sitting in traffic?

Well, if Gov. Crist doesn't veto Senate Bill 360, you will surely get your chance! This bill would eliminate some of our most important "smart growth" laws. It's a gift from legislators, to Big Developers, only you get to pay the tab. (BREAKING: It was announced this morning that Gov. Crist would sign this bill, then minutes later that announcement was withdrawn – your voice now could make the difference!)

Click here and urge Gov. Crist to veto SB 360 today.

Forcing you to spend more time in traffic isn't all that's wrong with this bill. If it becomes law, SB 360 would count portable classrooms as permanent fixtures at our schools, leave local communities powerless to curb sprawl, and stick taxpayers with the bill for road improvements required by new developments.

Developers claim we have to take away local control over growth decisions because regulatory red tape is tying their hands. What a joke! There are hundreds of thousands of houses, strip malls, and acres of paved parking lots sitting empty in Florida right now. Do we really need to make it easier to build more unnecessary development?

The St. Petersburg Times called this bill, "A developer's dream to build more sprawling suburban housing developments without worrying about paying anything to handle the extra traffic." That about sums it up.

Tell Gov. Crist if he really cares about Florida's future he will veto SB 360 today.

For a better Florida,

Mark Ferrulo and the Progress Florida team

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