Friday, November 7, 2008

Florida environmental and wildlife news for the week ending 11-7-08


Audubon of Florida Lauds Passage by Florida Voters of Amendment 4
Press Release
Audubon of Florida
Constitutional Amendment 4 will conserve Florida's water resources and wildlife habitats by providing tax incentives to private landowners who manage their land for conservation.

Battle looms on development push to the edge of the Everglades
By Matthew Haggman
Miami Herald
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Fireworks are expected at the first hearing on a controversial proposal to move the Urban Development Boundary to build a town on West Miami-Dade farmland.


Florida Crystals looks to expand violation-plagued power plant
By Paul Quinlan
Palm Beach Post
Florida Crystals, already one of the nation's largest sugar producers, wants to play a bigger part in developing renewable energy by expanding the power plant it has used since 1995 to turn leftover sugar cane into electricity.

Co-op wants slice of land from U.S. Sugar buyout
By Paul Quinlan
Palm Beach Post
The smallest of Florida's three major sugar companies wants a piece of the 187,000 acres the state is negotiating to purchase in its $1.75 billion buyout of U.S. Sugar Corp.

The Division of Florida
By Alan Farago
The US presidential campaign has only addressed in generic terms the wreckage caused by Wall Street, the absence of financial regulation and the wages of greed, and not at all how that feeding tube connects locally: too many platted subdivisions in farmland and wetlands and condos barricading Florida's coasts.

FPL asks to raise rates by 7 percent
By Julie Patel
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Florida Power & Light Co. customers could see their monthly electric bills increase by more than 7 percent next year if the state approves the utility's environmental, fuel and energy conservation fees totaling almost $7.3 billion.

Early turtle roundup upbeat
By Michelle Spitzer
Florida Today
Despite Tropical Storm Fay and bouts of strong wind, sea turtle nesting season ended Friday with encouraging results.

Saving a vanishing species
By Georgia Tasker
Miami Herald
Exploring South Florida and the Caribbean with his notebook and camera in the early 20th century, the botanist John Kunkle Small, with the New York Botanical Garden, hiked through vast areas of botanical richness.

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